Intellectual Property, Technology, and the Law

About the Monster

Welcome to my blog. As you have probably already noted, it’s about intellectual property, technology, and the law.

I’m a Corporate Counsel who specializes in intellectual property, as well as contract and government contract law. My passion, however is intellectual property.

I’ve always been a “man of science”, so to speak. My family moved to South San Jose in 1979 when it was primarily known for agriculture. But IBM had set up a big fabrication plant and some other research and development facilities in the area, and my father took a job at the R&D facility. I not only grew up in a “Big Blue” (IBM) family, but in a Big Blue neighborhood. Many of my friends — including my best friend — had parents who worked at IBM, or perhaps Fairchild, Hewlett Packard or Lockheed Martin, all companies in the area. This is a long winded way of explaining that I’ve always been fascinated with science and cutting edge technology. I understand the computer science industry extremely well, from software to semiconductors to new technologies like new media and the cloud. I also have an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences, so my science background is rather eclectic.

I used to want to be a doctor, a neurosurgeon in particular. Then I wanted to be a dentist. (I suppose I adhered to the old bromide about dentists being wannabe doctors with bad grades.) But none of them ever passed the gut check. I ultimately never saw myself being either a doctor or a dentist, and I found myself unable to decide what I wanted to do in the sciences.

Upon discussing this dilemma with an old manager of mine, he noted that the law might be an alternative, since he could see that I also had a passion for reading and writing. I looked into it and discovered that intellectual property law was exactly what I had been looking for. All of my passions nicely unified within one occupation. Since then, I’ve never regretted my decision to go to law school or to go into this field.

So once again, welcome to my blog. I appreciate all comments and suggestions, so don’t hesitate to offer them. I also have links to my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, so feel free to check those out. Enjoy!

– Pav S. Athwal, IP Monster


3 responses to “About the Monster

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  2. Ken Murray 3 May 2011 at 08:51


    Good articles. Thanks!

    Ken Murray (in the great city/state of Davis, CA).

    • ipmonster 3 May 2011 at 09:49

      Ken, thank you for your kind words. I did my undergraduate studies at UCD. I had friends who went to law school (King?) there as well. Great place!

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